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Grounded coffee

Villa Café Gourmet - Brazilian Arabica Coffee, Roasted, and Ground 250g

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Introducing Villa Café Gourmet, a product born from over 200 years of love and dedication at Fazendas Santa Helena and Dom Bosco in southern Minas Gerais, Brazil. These 100% Arabica coffee beans are roasted and ground to perfection, offering you 250 grams of pure coffee bliss. Stored in aromatic valves to preserve its quality, each cup lets you experience the intensity of their passion.

Gourmet coffee is a classification created under ABIC's Coffee Quality Program in Bra. Unlike traditional coffee, gourmet coffee is meticulously selected, choosing mature and high-quality beans. You'll notice unique aromatic notes in gourmet coffees.

- 100% Arabica Coffee, Roasted, and Ground
- Ideal for drip, pour-over, Italian coffee makers, espresso, and French press
- 250 grams packaging with aromatic valves
- 1-year shelf life
- Made in Brazil

Origin: Brazil

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