Pizzato Egiodola Reserva Red Wine 750ml 13.5% vol.

Pizzato Egiodola Reserva Red Wine 750ml 13.5% vol.

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Introducing Pizzato Egiodola, a structured wine that boasts a pronounced tannic expression, making it an excellent choice for those who appreciate bold flavors. This wine is made from one of only three Brazilian varietals of the Egiodola grape, adding to its exclusivity and uniqueness.

To ensure the perfect balance of flavors, the wine has been aged in French oak barrels, with a combination of first and second uses, for 11 months. This careful process ensures a rich, complex taste with notes of red fruits, blackberries, cherry, herbal tea, earthy tones, and spices, all culminating in a full-bodied, expressive wine.

The wine is produced in the Santa Lúcia vineyard, located in the Vale dos Vinhedos Region and harvested manually in 2016, 2015 and 2014. The vineyard has been conducting lyre espaliers since 1988, using basaltic origin soil, which is loamy, gravelly, and clayey, to create the ideal growing conditions for the Egiodola grape.

Pizzato Egiodola PROPOSAL is an extremely limited and exclusive lot, with only 9750 750 ml bottles and 3250 375 ml bottles produced, all numbered and with D.O.V.V. With an alcohol content of 13.5%, residual sugar of 2.2 g/l, total acidity of 6 g/l tartaric acid, and pH of 3.6, this wine has the potential to mature and age beautifully.

This wine pairs perfectly with poultry dishes with structured preparation, sauces with fresh mushrooms, roast beef, pork, and half-aged cheeses. Whether you're enjoying it now or saving it for later, Pizzato Egiodola PROPOSAL is a must-have for any wine lover who values exclusivity, complexity, and bold flavors.


Origin: Brazil

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