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Drip Coffee

Villa Café Drip Cofee 10 sachets

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Drip Coffee Villa Café Gourmet is a way to drink high-quality coffee whenever you want and wherever you want. This is coffee from Villa Café farms, stored in individual sachets designed to function as small filters for a cup. In other words, you only need 100 to 150 ml of hot water; Villa Café has already done all the rest of the work for you: selecting the best beans, grinding them and creating a delicious blend and placing them in the filter sachets.

Ideal for:
  • Trips, restaurants, work. Just order hot water and a cup and Drip Coffee will do the rest of the work.
  • Who wants to drink filtered coffee always fresh, without the need to make a whole bottle of the drink.

Each sachet filter has an ideal amount for just one cup of coffee.


Origin: Brazil

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