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Natural juice

Apple Juice, 100% natural 1L

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The Villa Piva Apple Juice is 100% natural, containing multiple health benefits in its composition such as:

    • Pectine, a natural element in apples that aids the digestive system
    • Nutrients such as calcium and potassium, that are known for protecting and strengthening the bones

Villa Piva is committed to a healthy lifestyle using only the highest quality, freshly picked natural fruits. When ready for picking, all fruits are collected manually and stored for a maximum of 24hours before moving to the processing phase, allowing the freshness to carry through to the final product. The ingredients are sourced from internationally renowned Vale dos Vinhedos in the Serra Gaúcha, located in the South of Brazil.

  • NO ADDED SUGARS: Sweetened only with natural fruit juice
  • WITHOUT PRESERVATIVES AND ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS: no additives, artificial sweeteners, acidifiers and preservatives
  • 100% natural: selected ingredients one by one
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Net Content: 1 liter

🇧🇷 > Suco de Maçã 100% Natural

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