Weber Haus 48 Dry Gin Pink Organic 700ml 44% vol.

Weber Haus 48 Dry Gin Pink Organic 700ml 44% vol.

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Distilled from sugar cane alcohol and with a unique blend of local botanicals, this dry gin is coloured a vibrant pink with Brazilian hibiscus flowers. The '48' refers to Lot 48 - the original plot of land in the Serra Gaúcha hills settled by the Weber family in 1824 when they first arrived in Brazil. 

 44% alcohol

Appearance, taste and texture

A gin with a classic pink hue from its hibiscus flower botanicals. With the freshness of ginger and the delicious fragrant aroma of hibiscus, this gin balances a delicate floral flavour with an impressive juniper-rich finish.


About Weber Haus Gin

The Weber family has been producing Weber Haus cachaça, rum and gin in small batches in traditional copper stills on the same farm in southern Brazil since 1848. 

Weber Haus gin is gin with a difference: rather than a base of industrial grain spirit, our gin is made from Brazilian sugar cane alcohol distilled in traditional copper stills. This liquid gives the gin a clean, fresh foundation which is complemented perfectly by the local botanicals we use to create flavour.

  • Beautiful hand crafted bottle
  • Organic


Origin: Brazil

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