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Soul Brasil

Banana and Cocoa Jam 200g

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Banana Jam with Cocoa - Organic

Cocoa 100% has a strong taste, however with the banana it creates an irresistible sweet, which makes you not want to stop eating! ​

- Natural and organic - No preservatives and no allergens

- Vegan - And, of course, with a lot of flavor! ​ Brazilian flavored jelly to surprise you!

Chef's Tip:

Daring level I (Huummm, very good!)

It's perfect in a sandwich with white cheese ​

Boldness Level II

(Isn't that great?) Pure! Eat like a candy, on the spoon. The pot won't last... ​

Daring Level III (Heavens, sensational!)

Dilute in a little hot water and use as syrup: with ice cream, with cakes... Believe me, it's FANTASTIC!

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