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Soul Brasil Ubá Mango and Tonka bean Jam 200g - USDA Organic

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ango jam with Cumaru

Organic the typical and sweet flavor of the Ubá mango combines perfectly with the delicate and fragrant flavor of the cumaru, bringing a Brazilian taste and exoticism to this jam. ​

- Natural and organic - No preservatives, no allergens

- Vegan - And, of course, with a lot of flavor! ​

Brazilian flavored jelly to surprise you!

Chef's Tip:

Daring level I (Huummm, very good!)

For breakfast, with a warm bread!

Boldness Level II (Isn't that great?)

Adds a magical touch to oven-roasted salmon. ​

Daring Level III (Heavens, sensational!)

Have you ever thought about using it as an ice cream sauce? Believe me, it looks amazing! Even better if sprinkled with cocoa nibs...


🇧🇷 > Geléia de Manga Ubá com Cumaru

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