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Coconut Water, 100% natural 1L

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This delicious coconut water (agua de coco) is 100% whole, not reconstituted.

Villa Piva: "We don't dehydrate it, we don't concentrate it, we don't dilute it."

It's pure coconut water, produced in two steps: collecting the coconut and then bottling the fruit water, with no reconstitution. During the latter step, the coconut water undergoes a pasteurization process to ensure quality and durability. Approximately three coconuts per liter are used - straight from the fruit into the bottle, with no preservatives and zero added sugars.

Villa Piva is committed to a healthy lifestyle,  using only the highest quality, freshly picked natural fruits. When ready for picking, all fruits are collected manually and stored for a maximum of 24hours before moving to the processing phase, allowing the freshness to carry through to the final product.


    • Origin: Brazil

    • Net Content: 1 liter



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