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Burgur Wheat "Trigo Kibe" 500g

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Bulgur wheat - Trigo para Kibe - is a widely used ingredient in Brazil to make the Lebanese meat dish Kibbeh. The kibe is one of Brazilians most loved finger foods, falling into the same salgadinho (salty treats) category as the famous cheese balls (pão de queijo).

Little known to outsiders, Arab immigration to Brazil started in the 1890s as Lebanese and Syrian people fled political and economic instability caused by the collapse of the Ottoman empire. Immigration peaked around Wold War II and the Lebanese-Brazilian society represents around 4% of total population! Their influence in Brazilian cuisine runs deep and has embedded itself in various treats served both in kids parties as well as more formal affairs.

The producer, Yoki, launched in 1960 as a family owned business and is now one of Brazil’s most loved food & drink brands, and guarantees an authentic Brazilian experience.

  • Origin: Brazil

  • Net Content: 500g

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