Weber Haus Cachaça Silver 700 ml 38% vol.

Weber Haus Cachaça Silver 700 ml 38% vol.

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Cachaça, a distilled spirit made from sugarcane juice, is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in Brazil and is often used in tropical cocktails. 

Weber Haus classic Silver cachaça, distilled in handmade copper stills from sugar cane juice. Rested in a stainless steel tank for 6 months to ensure a clean and light flavour.

38% alcohol

Appearance, taste and texture

Clear, silver colour with a vibrant bouquet; light and smooth to taste with a spicy and mineral finish. Distinctive sugarcane notes from the leaves of the plant used in the milling process, this cachaça has a unique flavour and is perfect for sipping or in cocktails.

It goes through a 50% activated carbon filter, where it takes away some of the taste and aroma of the sugar cane, leaving it more neutral. Ideal for cocktails as caipirinhas.

2007 - Gold Medal in the World Contest in Brussels;
2008 - Gold Medal World Contest in Brussels;
2012 - Bronze Medal - Blind tasting at the 21st Expo Cachaça Dose Duplo September 2012; 2015- 1st Place Contest 38th Expointer.

About Weber Haus cachaça

The Weber family has been producing Weber Haus cachaça in small batches in traditional copper stills on the same farm in southern Brazil since 1848. 

100% organic and sustainable, Weber Haus cachaça uses only the 'heart' of the sugar cane distillate, ensuring that the liquid is always high quality whatever variety you choose.

Origin: Brazil

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