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Kitano Cream of Onion Soup 65g

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Satisfy your cravings for a comforting bowl of soup with Yoki Cream of Onion Soup 65g. Whether you're enjoying it as a standalone soup, using it as a versatile cooking base, or seeking a quick and easy meal solution, Yoki's soup mix is the perfect choice for a heartwarming delight in every spoonful.

Yoki Cream of Onion Soup isn't just a soup – it's a versatile base for a variety of dishes. Use it as a sauce, a flavor enhancer for casseroles, or as a creamy addition to your favorite recipes. Your culinary creativity is the limit!

Now with 50% less sodium!


Origin: Brazil

🇧🇷 > Creme de Cebola em Pó Kitano

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