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Matte Tea

Barão Erva Mate Tea "Chimarrão" 1kg

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Chimarrão (pronounced shee-ma-ha-oom) is the name of a caffeinated tea drunk in the southern regions of South America. It is made from Ilex paraguariensis (in Portuguese, ‘erva-mate’) and hot water.

Experience true Brazilian tradition by passing around and sharing this Chimarrão infusion, an authentic yerba mate tea. The social ritual associated with the erva mate drink is symbol of a bond of acceptance and friendship. This drink is commonly appreciated among big groups of friends or family. The tea is served in a mate gourd (“cuia”) with the tea filtered by a metal straw (“bomba”). Gather your friends for this heart-filling ritual. 

Barão is a leading brand of teas, known for quality and tradition.


Origin: Brazil

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