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Organic vinegar

Soul Brasil Guava Vinegar Condiment 250 ml USDA Organic - CLOSE TO EXPIRE

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This condiment has a French inspiration, but we use truly Brazilian fruits.

It's versatile. Good for seasoning salads, but even better if used to cook, to marinate or to serve as sauce or toppings.

- Natural and organic

- Preservatives free, Allergen free, and Non-GMO

- Vegan 

- And, of course, with lots of flavor!

Fruit with vinegar, mixed together to amaze you.

Chef's Tips: 

Daring, level I (Humm, very good indeed!)

Use it for season your favorite salad.

Daring, level II (Isn't that exquisite?)

Try it to highlight any white fish - raw, fried or cooked.

Daring, level III (God in heaven, sensational!)

Reduce it to form a thick cream to drop over a nice and generous slice of cheese cake.


🇧🇷 > Vinagre de Goiaba

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