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Soul Brasil Assisi Chilli and Banana Hot Sauce 50ml - USDA Organic

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Pepper and fruit, mixed to surprise you. We created our hot sauces for those who love flavor, without that ultra-burning sensation. Assîsî pepper is actually a blend of dried and ground peppers. This product is very strong and the brand hottest pepper sauce ever! Banana complements the flavor of pepper and brings a delicious combinations for us to savor.

  • Natural and organic
  • Preservatives free, allergen free, and non-GMO
  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • And, of course, with lots of flavor!

Chef's tip:

Daring, level I (Humm, very good indeed!): Perfect for seasoning white fish and moqueca.

Daring, level II (Isn't that exquisite?): Amazing when we drip a few drops into a hot mix!

Daring, level III (God in heaven, sensational!): It gives an explosion of aromas in any salad and snacks.


Origin: Brazil

🇧🇷 > Molho de Pimenta Assisi e Banana

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