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Kitano Baiano Seasoning 40g

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Kitano Baiano Seasoning mixes specially selected herbs and spices, which make it the perfect choice to bring the typical flavor of Bahia to various preparations.

100% Natural, Kitano's Baiano seasoning is versatile and pleases the taste of many Brazilians, and can be used in many preparations. Our Bahian seasoning goes through rigorous manufacturing, packaging and logistics processes, ensuring that all its flavor and aroma are brought to your recipes.

It goes well with: fish, seafood and vatapás, as well as seasonings such as coconut milk and palm oil.

Ingredients: Salt, black pepper, coriander, cumin, oregano, turmeric, calabresa pepper, cassava starch and silicon dioxide anti-humectant.

Packaging: 40g

Naturally gluten-free product. However produced in a place where foods containing gluten are processed.

Origin: Brazil

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