Hemmer Dendê Oil 200ml - CLOSE TO EXPIRE

Hemmer Dendê Oil 200ml - CLOSE TO EXPIRE

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A key player in Afro-Brazilian cuisine, this vegetable thick, dark, reddish-orange, strong-flavoured oil adds vibrant orange color to food and enhances dishes with its deliciously intense flavor. Use this essential ingredient to give an authentic taste to Moqueca – a traditional Brazilian seafood stew.

Known locally as “azeite de dendê,” dendê oil, is made from the small fruit of the dendezeiro tree. You may hear people call dendê oil “red palm oil,” but that description is incorrect. Palm oil comes from the seeds, whereas dendê oil comes from the fruit, which gives it its vibrant, red-orange color.

  • 100% Palm Oil
  • Great with Coconut Based Stews
  • Extracted from the pulp of a fruit from a type of palm tree grown in Africa and in Brazil. 
  • Traditional Brazilian Ingredient


    Origin: Brazil

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