Weber Haus Kit Cachaça Collection 5 x 50ml

Weber Haus Kit Cachaça Collection 5 x 50ml

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With this miniatures kit, you can taste all the flavors that the renowned Weber Haus distillery offers. From the classic silver cachaça to the cachaça aged in unique wood barrels, you are sure to find your flavor. Perfect for gifting!

The kit contains 5 units of 50ml:
1x Classic Silver Cachaça
1x Cachaça aged in Amburana wooden barrel
1x Cachaça aged in Balsam wood barrels
1x Cachaça aged in Sassafras Cinnamon wood barrel
1x Cachaça aged in  Oak and Cabriúva wood barrels

About Weber Haus cachaça

The Weber family has been producing Weber Haus cachaça in small batches in traditional copper stills on the same farm in southern Brazil since 1848. 

100% organic and sustainable, Weber Haus cachaça uses only the 'heart' of the sugar cane distillate, ensuring that the liquid is always high quality whatever variety you choose.

Origin: Brazil

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