Yoki Cheese Bread Mix "Pão de Queijo" 250g

Yoki Cheese Bread Mix "Pão de Queijo" 250g

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Pão de queijo or Brazilian cheese bread is a small, baked cheese roll or cheese bun, the most popular snack in Brazil!

The Yoki Cheese Bread Mix is the market leader in Brazil due to its high quality & ease of preparation. The finished product is served as cheese bread balls which can vary in size, but yields a smooth cheese flavor & soft centre. Many people enjoy the flexibility of the Yoki pre-mix as it can be varied by adding other ingredients such as oregano, extra parmesan & even pieces of our own favorite fillings.

This product is a perfect gluten free breakfast bun widely enjoyed with a tea our strong Brazilian coffees. It makes a delicious starter, entree or snack.

Origin: Brazil

🇧🇷 > Mistura para Pão de Queijo


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