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Yoki Seasoned Toasted Cassava Flour 400g

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Yoki Farofa Tradicional is the store-bought version of homemade farofa, widely consumed by Brazilians. It is also known as ‘Farofa Pronta’ (‘Ready-to-Eat Farofa’) usually eaten by those who don’t have the time to make farofa from scratch. Ready seasoned and seasoned - simply as a side dish with "feijoada", chicken or grilled meat.

Farofa is usually made from flour from the cassava or manioc root, fried with bacon and onion in butter before serving as a crispy accompaniment. However, this instant mix can be sprinkled directly over dishes without frying it first. Farofa is also very popular in Nigeria and West Africa, and known as gari.

Origin: Brazil
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