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Brazilian Kiss - Ready to Drink Mixed drink - 500 ml 33% vol

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Handcrafted with the renowned cachaça Weber Haus , Jambu Herb, Chilli Pepper and Cinnamon.

Quality and Tradition with a spicy flavor and the numbing sensation of the Jambu Herb.

How to drink it:

Bite a lime, suck a little of its juice and then sip some Jambu Cachaça. Keep it in your mouth for 5 seconds before Swalling

Ingredients:  Distilled Spirit from Sugar Cane (stored in oak barrels), vegetal extract of Jambu herb, vegetal extract of Cinnamon, infusion of Chilli pepper (capsicum), Sugar.

Jambu Herb:

Jambu is a herb, typical on the Amazon rainforest.

Jambuflower buds cause an interesting numbing effect on the taste buds.

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