Yoki Brazilian Raindrop Doughnut Mix "Bolinho de Chuva" 250G

Yoki Brazilian Raindrop Doughnut Mix "Bolinho de Chuva" 250G

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Bolinhos de Chuva are the Brazilian equivalent of Beignets: deep fried dough sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. Named for their raindrop shape, they are impossible to resist!

Like beignets, they are slightly crunchy on the outside but light and pillowy inside. And, since they are meant to be an impromptu snack, they are very simple to make and ready in about 15 minutes!


Wheat flour enriched with iron and folic acid, sugar, modified starch, cassava starch, salt, chemical leaveners, sodium bicarbonate, monocalcium phosphate and sodium acid pyrophosphate.

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