Weber Haus Artisanal Lundu Silver Cachaça 1L 40%

Weber Haus Artisanal Lundu Silver Cachaça 1L 40%

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Weber Haus Lundu Silver Artisanal Cachaça is the result of pure sugar cane juice (the heating heart) distilled in an artisanal copper still.

Matured for 6 months in a stainless steel vat, this artisanal white cachaça offers a subtle balance and perfect control of the floral aromas of sugar cane.

Recommended for the preparation of traditional Brazilian caipirinha.

 40% alcohol

Appearance, taste and texture

Clear, silver colour with a vibrant bouquet; light and smooth to taste with a spicy and mineral finish. This cachaça has a clean, sophisticated flavour and is great for sipping and perfect in cocktails.

About Weber Haus cachaça

The Weber family has been producing Weber Haus cachaça in small batches in traditional copper stills on the same farm in southern Brazil since 1848. 

100% organic and sustainable, Weber Haus cachaça uses only the 'heart' of the sugar cane distillate, ensuring that the liquid is always high quality whatever variety you choose.

Origin: Brazil

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