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Chocolate powder

Nestlé Cocoa Powder 70% 200G

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Chocolate Powder 70% is perfect for the preparation of cakes, pies, creams, fillings, toppings, chocolate syrup, hot drinks, etc.

Its balanced formulation interacts with other ingredients, providing unmatched result due to the amount of Nestlé cocoa.
It is ideal for preparations that require more intense chocolate flavor, aroma and color.
Developed especially to enhance the flavor and color of chocolate in recipes, Nestlé Cocoa Powder 70% offers the perfect balance of cocoa notes with a soft touch of sugar.

  • Cocoa powder 70%
  • Great for Baking
  • Lightly sweet
  • Soluble
  • Easy to use


🇧🇷 > Chocolate em pó 70%

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